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NamThien Vu, DDS has created this informative blog to help educate the community.

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How to Treat a Topical Cavity

Posted on 12/23/2021 by Nam Thien Vu, DDS
Cavities are caused by various factors, which usually start small but gradually become more pronounced if something is not done. Since holes barely cause any pain initially, most people do not realize that they have a problem until it is too late. It is advisable to schedule regular appointments...

What are the Benefits of Dental X-rays?

Posted on 12/10/2021 by Nam Thien Vu, DDS
Dental x-rays play an important role in dental care. Combined oral exams, dental x-rays give us a complete view of your mouth and make it easy to tell where the problem is. While oral exams are vital in identifying oral problems, dental x-rays pinpoint them within a short time. There are several...

What Are the Most Common Signs of Tooth Decay?

Posted on 11/22/2021 by Nam Thien Vu, DDS
Food can build up in your teeth forming plaque. Plaque forms bacteria in your teeth and they produce acids that erode the enamel which is the surface part of your tooth. The erosion leads to tooth decay and if left untreated, the erosion can cause serious issues in your dental and overall physical...
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