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NamThien Vu, DDS has created this informative blog to help educate the community.

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How Tap Water Kept Play a Vital Role in Your Oral Health

Posted on 9/6/2021 by Nam Thien Vu, DDS
It is highly recommended that you drink tap water because it helps get rid of the plaque that sticks on your teeth. This prevents tartar from building up and causing conditions like tooth decay. Compared to bottled water, tap water contains essential minerals that improve your oral health. Here are...

Why Do Some People Need Gum Stimulators?

Posted on 8/23/2021 by Nam Thien Vu, DDS
Gum stimulators are not a common part of most oral hygiene routines. A gum stimulator has a long metal arm with a rubber tip attached to the end. It is used to strengthen your gum tissue through simulation. They can also be used to remove plaque or food debris from between your teeth. These tools...

The Importance of Getting Preventative Dentistry

Posted on 8/9/2021 by Nam Thien Vu, DDS
Preventative dentistry is a clinical term that means getting the dental care you need to maintain good oral health. It is a combination of regular dental exams coupled with good oral hygiene habits. Preventative dentistry is important for everyone, both young and old. Preventive Dentistry...
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